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Engineered To Last For Life

A building façade is prone to age and wear as it endures the elements. The low porosity of Dekton® makes it impervious to the elements. It is highly resistant to UV light, scratches and stains, so the façade won’t fade or degrade over time. And it is unaffected by hot and cold temperatures, so it can endure heat, frost and thawing, and its low porosity makes it completely waterproof.


Being resilient to water, Dekton® was the perfect choice for the breathtaking, 22-metre man-made waterfall at Crown Group’s new luxury residential development Waterfall. Designed by Waterforms International, the jaw-dropping waterfall, set amid a lush vertical garden with more than 5,000 tropical plants, provides urban dwellers with a connection to nature. Waterforms selected Dekton® because the size of the sheets meant fewer joins, and it’s also lightweight, maintenance-free and impervious to water.


Endless Design

Offered in more than 50 colours and patterns, there is a Dekton surface to suit every style and setting. Colours are complementary to timber, concrete, steel and other exterior materials and surfaces, and are a versatile choice in traditional, classic, modern and contemporary environments. Varying thicknesses can be selected based on the application, and the options of tiles or large-format slabs can be used to create the desired effect.


We have classified our range of colours into three different clusters of patterns to facilitate the design process. All our portfolio is labeled as Infinite Pattern, Singular Pattern and Smooth Pattern, depending on the effect desired for large surfaces and the placement of slabs adjacent to one another, taking into account the directionality of the design, shades and variations. 

Infinite Pattern

Plain colours or designs with a uniform or quasi-uniform composition and structure that, when used for coverings such as floors, walls, or facades, allows for the random placement of boards and cut-outs achieving total visual homogeneity. Recommended for large surfaces.


Singular Pattern

Designs with chromatic ranges of greater complexity and very marked directionality, which result in patterns with a lot of character and variation in smaller pieces and adjacent placements. We recommend that you consult our advisors for use on large surface claddings.

Smooth Pattern

Designs with a directionality in the graphic structure that has to be taken into account when cutting and placing adjacent boards, either if continuity in the holistic design is sought or otherwise. It is a very versatile type of pattern but it requires the placement and cutting of boards accordingly. Recommended for large surfaces.


Advantages of Dekton® Facades

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